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PRESS RELEASE: TshwaneLex Free Upgrade

September 22, 2008: TshwaneDJe HLT announces a free single-version upgrade for all TshwaneLex users

With the aim of phasing out version 1 of TshwaneLex, TshwaneDJe HLT is offering a free single-version upgrade across the board for all licenses of all users. In accordance with this, all version 1 licenses will be upgraded to version 2, all version 2 licenses to version 3, and all version 3 licenses ultimately to version 4 (currently in beta).

TshwaneLex is a professional software application suite for compiling dictionaries (or terminology lists), containing numerous specialized features aimed at reducing dictionary compilation time and increasing the quality and consistency of dictionaries. Multi-user support also allows teams to collaborate on projects. TshwaneLex is based on Unicode and XML, supports virtually any language, and its features include an integrated Corpus Query System, automated lemma reversal, and 'multiple dictionaries from one database' functionality. TshwaneLex and TshwaneTerm are currently in use by hundreds of individuals and organisations worldwide, including Oxford University Press, the South African Police Service, and the Malaysian Institute of Language and Literature.

More details about TshwaneLex, TshwaneTerm, TshwaneReader, and the TshwaneLex Electronic Dictionary and Online Dictionary Modules can be found on our website:


TshwaneDJe HLT also offers custom development, support, training and consulting services for every aspect of the dictionary or terminology compilation process, both technical and linguistic.