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PRESS RELEASE: TshwaneLex 3.0 Released -- Professional Software Suite for Lexicography and Terminology

June 27, 2007: TshwaneDJe HLT announces the release of TshwaneLex Suite 3.0

TshwaneLex 3.0 is now available. This version contains many new features, and is now organised as a suite that bundles several tools, including TshwaneTerm and TshwaneReader. Highlights include:

  • INTEGRATED CORPUS: New built-in corpus query functionality, integrated directly into the editing process, with timesaving features such as headword auto-search and usage example extraction.
  • TSHWANETERM: The TshwaneTerm Terminology Management System is now included in the TshwaneLex Suite. This tool brings many of the unique and powerful features of TshwaneLex to the compilation and management of termbases, and its inclusion will help facilitate data exchange between lexicographers and terminographers.
  • TSHWANEREADER: The TshwaneLex/TshwaneTerm Reader is a freely downloadable viewer application for TshwaneLex dictionaries or TshwaneTerm termbases.
  • USER STATISTICS / MONITORING: New management tools allow you to easily track the progress of individual members of a team, or of a dictionary or termbase project as a whole.
  • TRANSLATION EQUIVALENT FANOUTS: For multilingual databases, this powerful feature automatically shows all entries related to the current one via a shared Translation Equivalent as you work.
  • SCRIPTING: An integrated scripting language allows (amongst other things) attributes to become 'calculation fields', similar in principle to formulas in Excel. External scripts can also be written to perform various kinds of modifications on the database.
  • Many other new features:
    - "Formatted XML" Exporter generates XML that more closely follows the Preview and RTF output, making it even easier to interface with typesetting software such as Adobe InDesign or to republish data electronically.
    - Compare/Merge now truly allows you to continue editing in the main window while the Compare/Merge window is open, and contains several other improvements.
    - "Sort By" function allows you to re-sort all entries on any field, e.g. by frequency or 'last modified date'.
    - Filters for individual cross-reference types.
    - Inline cross-references (allowing cross-references to be included within the text of a field).
    - Border styles, and many more.


TshwaneLex is the world's only [TRULY OFF-THE-SHELF] professional software suite for the compilation of monolingual, bilingual and multilingual dictionaries or termbases, and for the publishing thereof in hardcopy, online and electronic formats. TshwaneLex and TshwaneTerm are fully customisable and localisable, are known for their focus on ease of use, for accelerating the compilation of any type of reference work, and for helping ensure accuracy and consistency.

TshwaneLex and TshwaneTerm are currently in use by over 300 users worldwide, from individuals to large organisations, and for over 150 different languages. To date, over 100 people have received formal TshwaneLex training.

This latest release builds on [EXISTING MAJOR FEATURES] such as:
- Multi-user and network editing support, OR work on a standalone machine without the need for a database.
- A high degree of flexibility and customisability via the DTD (Document Type Definition) system.
- A strong foundation based on industry standards such as XML and Unicode.
- Automated numbering of homonyms, senses and other types of information.
- Integrity-checking and automatic tracking and updating of cross-referenced homonym or sense numbers.
- Special bilingual editing features, such as Side-by-Side View, Linked View, and automated lemma reversal.
- Support for images and sounds, an automated backups system, and a unique Ruler Tool that ensures balanced treatment on multidimensional levels.

Clients who ordered TshwaneLex or TshwaneTerm between 1 April 2007 and 27 June 2007 will receive a free upgrade to version 3.0.

More details about TshwaneLex, TshwaneTerm, TshwaneReader, the TshwaneLex Electronic Dictionary and Online Dictionary Modules can be found on our website:

TshwaneDJe HLT also offers custom development, support, training and consulting services for every aspect of the dictionary or terminology compilation process, both technical and linguistic.