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October 14, 2010: TLex Suite 2010, tlTerm 2010 and tlCorpus 2010 Released

Created With TLex

Some of the dictionaries that have been created across the world with the TLex Dictionary Writing System:

Oxford Zulu - English Oxford South African Concise Dictionary 2e
Oxford South African School Dictionary 3e Oxford Mini Skoolwoordeboek / School Dictionary
Beknopte Verklarende Woordeboek Lexique yoómbe-français avec index français-yoómbe
Pharos Dictionaries Online / Pharos Woordeboeke Aanlyn WAT Aanlyn (Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal / 'The Dictionary of the Afrikaans Language')
Le Robert & Van Dale South African Oxford Multilingual Primary Dictionary (Nguni)
Diccionario integral del español de la Argentina Oxford South African Illustrated School Dictionary
Oxford Bilingual School Dictionary: Northern Sotho and English / Pukuntšu ya Polelopedi ya Sekolo: Sesotho sa Leboa le Seisimane. E gatišitšwe ke Oxford Oxford Afrikaans-Engels English-Afrikaans Skoolwoordeboek / School Dictionary
South African Oxford Multilingual Primary Dictionary (Sotho) South African Oxford Multilingual Primary Dictionary (Nguni)
Nkòngamyakù Cilubà – Mfwàlànsa Klein Uitleenwoordenboek
Pharos Beknopte Verklarende Woordeboek RANM
Northern Sotho Monolingual Faculty of Maritime Studies
jref isiZulu.net

The latest version of our widely recognized dictionary and terminology compilation software, TLex Suite 2010, is now available. This is the fifth major release of our software line, and includes TLex (TshwaneLex), tlCorpus 2010 and tlTerm 2010. Our Electronic Publishing (CD-ROM/Web) software has also been updated extensively. See below for a more detailed summary of new features. tlDatabase 2010 is also now available, which brings the power of the TLex core editor to any type of data.

TLex Suite 2010 includes tlCorpus and tlTerm, or these may be purchased separately. (SPECIAL OFFER: All customers who purchase tlCorpus 2010 (Standalone) will receive a free upgrade to tlCorpus 2011 next year.)

Translation Services

We offer professional translation services for all major world languages, as well as proofreading, editing, transcription and localization. You can use our website form to quickly get quotes.

New Localizations

tlReader is now available in Polish, Chinese (thanks to Bohan for these), French, and Spanish. TLex is also now available in Irish (thanks to Kevin Scannell for this beta localization).

tlTranslate Translation Memory

Coming soon, tlTranslate 2010 Translation Memory Software: We are currently soliciting beta testers, please see our website if you want to sign up. This Computer-Assisted Translation product supports the industry standards TMX and XLIFF.

Other News

New Oxford Zulu - English / English - Zulu Bilingual Dictionary: In partnership with Oxford University Press, we successfully compiled this new fully corpus-driven dictionary (De Schryver, G-M; ISBN 978-0-19-576554-0). The dictionary is already selling well. Naturally, it was created using TLex.

New Electronic Zulu - English Dictionary: This dictionary (which is incidentally unrelated to the Oxford one) includes advanced Zulu compound-word "smart search" technology, and, as with all our electronic dictionaries, also integrates with Microsoft Word. The dictionary is available from our website.

Just a reminder, most of our products are now available on the Apple Mac platform.

Summary of New Features

New Features Of TLex Include: A specialised new "auto-sound/image linking" tool allows you to rapidly link thousands of sound, image or video files to their corresponding entries all at once, based on configurable naming conventions. Other new features include video file support, a 'show whitespace' tool, word count tool, shortcut keys for Lua script-based "macros", a 'field mask' that allows you to easily hide selected fields for exporters, new error checks, extensive and detailed new statistics functionality, and new filters. The RTF export includes a new option to split the output into alphabetic sections. Character Info now includes a new 'search by name' field. There are new data manipulation tools such as a 'split field' function that allows you to split attributes at a given text string (e.g. comma) into multiple elements. The integrated Corpus (F6) tool includes many improvements, as well as new features such as a 'wordlist' command and new sorting options.

Our Electronic Publishing systems have also seen major improvements, and have been used to publish some major CD-ROM and Web dictionaries, including the prestigious new online dictionary website for the Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal ('The Dictionary of the Afrikaans Langage'; a large multi-volume work spanning nearly 200,000 entries and over 8,000 pages in print), and Pharos Dictionaries Online, which consists of some 580,000 entries across 20 titles. These projects also demonstrate that TLex can readily cope with both very large databases, and highly complex data. Amongst the latest new features are advanced multi-title support, search query scoring/ranking, search auto-completion 'suggester', more advanced user and subscription management and IP-based authentication, and advanced search queries with boolean expressions, and support for cellphone-based versions.

tlCorpus 2010 is fully internationalized, can intelligently take advantage of modern multi-core computers to get the best possible performance out of them, and is also capable of handling very large files/corpora. It also features functionality for auto-detection of languages and encodings to help simplify setup. tlCorpus is also BCP-47-aware. It can also intelligently adapt its sentence-detection routines based on the detected language (e.g. supporting Greek end-sentence punctuation rules).

tlTerm 2010 includes support for the latest standards-based BCP 47 language codes, and also includes an importer for TBX (TermBase eXchange format) files.

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