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translationLanguage Services: Translation, Interpreting, Proofreading, Transcription

Please note our Translation Services division has been effectively 'taken over' by ST Communications, we suggest you contact them for your requirements - thank you.

Our commitment to quality is unmatched in the industry. We've been in the business of language since 2002, have a global customer base, and our translator network includes some of the world's best language specialists. We also won the 2009 SATI (South African Translators' Institute) Award for Outstanding Translation Dictionary for our own Northern Sotho - English dictionary published by Oxford University Press, and we created the popular new Oxford Zulu - English dictionary.

“The translation is excellent. Thanks!”
“Thank-you very much for such prompt and efficient service.”
“We will certainly use your services [again] in future.”
“Sjoe !,maar jy is blitsvinnig! ... Nogmaals weer baie dankie.”

‘Language Services a cut above the rest’

Your work is quality assured and confidentiality assured. Our rates are competitive, and you can trust us to deliver quality results, on time.