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The TshwaneDJe Knowledge Base contains a small collection of technical articles with information on specific issues to assist you with the configuration or use of our software. You can search through the Knowledge Base using the search box below, or by browsing the list of articles. We will continually be adding new articles over time. If you don't find a solution here, please also try the FAQ or other support resources.

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ODBC: Performance Tuning a Large TLex / tlTerm / tlDatabase Database [Advanced]


• If performance on a very large database is slow (particularly with loading entries), check (using e.g. pgAdmin) if the index of the entry_id column of the "(prefix)_tree" table has 'substring' call in it - if so, delete and recreate the index of this column as follows, e.g.

 USING btree
 (entry_id COLLATE pg_catalog."default");

This can significantly improve entry loading time in certain cases.
• If performance on a very large database is slow (particularly with loading entries), you could also try changing the postgresql.conf parameter cpu_tuple_cost to a higher value (e.g. 0.1, or 1 - default value is 0.01)


• Running the following (once-off) may help: Tools / Database administration / Optimise indexes

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